About This Blog

This is a blog for everyone — men and women — who want to cooperate with how the Lord is forming them, shaping them day by day, for service in the Kingdom of God.

Today as I sat with a ministry leader 25 years my junior, she clutched her coffee mug and lamented, “My church just doesn’t have a mentoring culture.”

I could hear the frustration and grief in her voice. Despite so much being written about the importance of intentional mentoring, despite article after article about millennials wanting mentors, many of the younger people I talk with (and seems like just about everybody is younger these days…) still feel very much alone as they navigate the currents of ministry within congregations.

The impetus for this blog comes out of my own 30 plus years of ministry. When I was ordained in 1983, there were few women ahead of me on the path of congregational leadership. Those few were not in the position yet to mentor. I had a few men along the way who were relational and took an interest in my questions and struggles — but only a few. A good result of this lack of mentors was that I was forced to be more intentionally self-reflective.

One of the podcasts I enjoy is The Calling sponsored by Christianity Today. During each podcast the host will ask, “If you could step back in time and talk to your younger self, what would you say?” What a great question!
Through training in spiritual direction and coaching, I have learned that good questions beat advice every time.

Each blog post will aim at creating a dialogue with those who seek to serve God from the depths of their souls (see Dallas Willard’s definition) with all the unique life experience, giftedness, and background that God has given them. I will tell some stories, share some resources and ask some questions to help you come closer to Jesus and his desires for YOU.